Mechanism of joint formation and characteristics of interface in ultrasonic welding: Literature review

Bharat Sanga, Reeta Wattal, D. S. Nagesh


The study of ultrasonic welding has been going on for more than 50 years. The mechanism of joint formation and characterization of the interface in ultrasonically made joints between metal sheets and wires have been the most thought-provoking area for the researchers. The study of post-welding microstructure, the formation of any intermetallic compound at the interface and their effect on the joint strength, the presence of heat affected zone in the ultrasonically joined sheets has been explored but still, arguably the least understood. Interface characteristics are different in similar and dissimilar combinations of metals. This work presents a comprehensive review of literature regarding the studies on the microstructural analysis at the interface of the joints made by Ultrasonic Welding on different combinations of metal sheets. Additionally, this paper provides an analysis of the observations made by different scientists that promote the future scope of research in this area. The study has been confined to Ultrasonic metal welding only.


Ultrasonic welding; Ultrasonic metal welding; Intermetallic compound; Heat affected zone; Thermo-mechanical affected zone; Welding interface

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