The role of the flexibility of processes in measurement the relation be-tween the supply chain & development of a product Applied research: Al Doawra refinery

Nagham Yousif Abd Alrda, Batool Atiyah Khalaf, Hind Waleed Abd alrahman


The researchers treated the problem of processing chain efficiency in Masfa Al doawra l Baghdad, which is owned by the ministry of petroleum. In addition to the productivity flexibility of filter weakness, which leads to its weakness in reacting to the demands of the variable customers. The work research’s goal was to notice the reality of the flexibility concept in creating value for the customer in the organization. And submitting a suggestion to the company about the trade-off standards between the processors, in a limit that is suitable with the new followed standards. To achieve these goals, the researchers used the measure to stagnate the pentagram, to confirm the research basics, and by using the measurements of central tendency (Arithmetic mean, standard deviation, critical ratio, variation coefficient). Depending on the spss program & AMOS program to analyze the relationship between the research variables, and the role of the medium variable among. The research reached that there is a high level of disagreement among the re-spondents about the supplier's after-sale services in the supply of raw materials and materials to the organization. The organization should establish policies that obligate the supplier to provide these services when needed. The organiza-tion is keen to maintain the high coordination process between it and the intermediaries and distributors to realize the importance of providing information by the parties in the right time and place and disclosure and availability when the request.

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