The philosophy of the workplace spirituality in the third millennium organizations: A field study at the Ministry of Health Center

Noor Khalil Ibrahim, Majeed Hameed K. Taher


Purpose: The research aims to build an integrated knowledge framework for the basic research topic. The spirituality of the workplace is through access to the most important scientific proposals on these topics. In Management Thought Framing the knowledge within them in a serious attempt is to provide the appropriate answers about the intellectual dilemma of research. By diagnosing the nature of the relationship with the influential elements and its historical development .
METHODOLOGY: The study relied on the analytical survey method. The research sample targeted (88) managers in the center of the Iraqi Ministry of Health exclusively from the researched senior leaders (general manager, assistant general manager, and head of department), and the main tool for research was represented by relying on solid international standards For the research variable after it has been adapted to the needs of the Iraqi environment, hypotheses and data analysis have been tested using the appropriate statistical tools (arithmetic mean, standard deviation, differential coefficient and confirmatory factor analysis)
Theoretical results: The research results are formulated according to the process of intellectual reasoning and philosophical variables. Workplace spirituality in its broad sense encompasses a multidimensional concept linked to hope, desires, thinking patterns, emotions, feelings and behaviors. They are critical element in organizations' interactions with employees , customers and the community Individuals were able to integrate into their careers and enhance their job satisfaction .
Practical results: The results of the statistical analysis showed the weak interest of the Ministry of Health in the spirituality of the workplace, as a result of the Ministry’s focus on routine official aspects and neglecting the spiritual aspects, feelings, and feelings of workers, which generally affected the organizational climate of the Ministry, which lost it the element of spiritual interaction that is most in need The result of the ministry’s work, which calls for a spirituality in the workplace.
Originality/ Value: Focusing on the emotional and spiritual aspect of the employees. Technological developments have adversely affected social communication between employees and The sense of isolation has increased. This has adversely affected performance and creativity at work. So it was necessary to increase the actual attention to spiritual reality in the workplace. This is evidenced by the fact that some organizations have begun to set up special sections dealing with the spirituality of the workplace as the case within the American Academy, the spirituality of management and the religious interests group (MSR Group). To address specific spiritual issues

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