E-governance applications and usage patterns in developing countries

Hasanain Mohammed Al-Rzoky, Shuruq Khalid Abdul Redha Al Mahdi, Payman Hussein Hussan Al-Samariy


E-Governance integrates the use and implementation of technology based suites and modules for the usage in the public domain so that the common persons can be able to use this segment without harassment in public offices. The approach of e-governance associates the online services so that the real time analytics and the implementation can be done to the public services without any delay and with higher degree of accuracy. The use of e-governance is quite prominent in assorted streams whereby the citizen identification and the government services are required to be associated so that the higher performance and cumulative recital is there. The paradigm and implementation perspectives of e-governance are required in the citizen based services for governance and services towards the access to government schemes and thereby this manuscript is having the key focus in this segment for the usage patterns of e-governance in the assorted aspects with specific scenarios of developing countries.

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.21533/pen.v7i3.719


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