Combined DWT-DISB based image watermarking optimized for decision making problems

Ghassan N. Mohammed, Ahmed Abdul Hassan Al-Fatlawi, Ahmed Talal Kamil


Currently, the protection of digital information, especially in the form of multimedia information such as images, video, text, and audio. The digital nature of the multimedia data has made it prone to misuse and attack, such as is of duplication, transformation, modification, and diffusion. In this sense, it is significant to create a system for protecting the intellectual property rights of the multimedia content. The system should guarantee copyright protection, authentication, and protection against duplication of the material. The drastic development in network multimedia system has made the development of these protection systems challenging. Numerous researches have proposed the use of watermarking to address these issues. The watermarking technique obscures vital information in the original multimedia data in which the hidden data is utilized for copyright protection and authentication. The primary need for any watermarking system should be to guarantee robustness against imminent attack while retaining the quality of the watermark images. This research presents a robust image watermarking technique used to hide details of the RGB Color elements. The proposed approach is an integration of the discrete wavelet transform (DWT) and the relatively new dual intermediate significant bit (DISB). The performance evaluation of the proposed approach produced quality watermarked images that are robust. The proposed method has a PSNR of 101.97 and an NCC of 0.9780 which compare considerable well with the individual techniques.


Discrete Wavelet Transform Robust DISB Digital Data Watermarking Imperceptibility

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