How mobile phone application enhance human interaction with e-retailers in the middle east

Laith T. Khrais, Abdullah M. Alghamdi


The paper aims to provide a critical in-depth analysis of Mobile Phone Application's role in enhancing human interaction with E-Retailers, and more specifically, in the Middle East. First, the paper provides an outlook description of the definition and history of Mobile Phone Applications and human interaction and how the two complement each other. Next, the study outlines the various instances that human interaction with Mobile Phone Applications has led to E-retailer success and how it has come about. Then, the discourse provides an analytical look at the E-retailing Business in the Middle East while focusing on the history of E-retailing, business startups in the Middle East, and the revolution of E-retailing in the Middle East. Additionally, the research emphasizes the merits and demerits of using Mobile Phone Applications to promote and enhance E-commerce business in Middle East countries. Using relevant sources and credible references, the analysis will highlight the numerous instances Mobile Phone applications have been used by clients to connect with businesses that maintain an online presence. Using anthological, historical, and descriptive research methods, the arguments portrayed in this paper will heavily reflect on various case studies provided in the article. The case studies feature data representation from research conducted in the Middle East concerning Mobile Phone applications and E-commerce. Through focused approaches, this paper discerns, comprehend, and establishes the framework of the Middle East E-Commerce scene over the years, and outlines how far the industry has made progress through online platforms. Furthermore, emphasis will be laid on the market gaps left to fill in the E-commerce sector in the Middle East and the several approaches to better the industry. Lastly, this paper will conclude by providing my recommendations on the betterment of Mobile Phone Applications and how E-retailing can improve in the Middle East.

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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License