Projects evaluation in construction Industry

Kadhim R. Erzaij, Hatim A. Rashid, Hafeth I. Naji, Rouwaida Hussein Ali


The economic activity support in the construction industry in numerous developed countries is a percentage of about 5-11 of their GDP consumed yearly on different kinds of construction projects and associated activities. This paper attempts to evaluate the construction project under different circumstances and different periods.This paper was divided into several stages to accomplish its aim, the first stage, the researchers have gathered information about 30 projects in a different period starting from 2001 to 2017. The second stage included a questionnaire survey to get an indication of the importance of these factors. The third stage comprised analyzing the project's evolution using an artificial intelligence technique, which is a K-nearest neighbor classifier. The fourth stage included using the run chart technique to show the change in the evaluation of the project.
It can conclude that the project's evaluation is continuously fluctuated in different periods, the risks that occur have a direct relationship with cost and time overruns and indirect connection with project evaluation.

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