Low energy consumption in manet network

Maral A. Mustafa, Mohammed H. Rasheed, Omar M. Salih


The aim of this paper is design and develop energy efficient MANET network in wireless networks. One of the most significant and effective protocol based on low energy consumption and number of Ad-hoc is MANET as remote directing convention source nodes forward in network simulator. Less number of nodes in the network would give low energy usage or consumption as the nodes in the network exceeds or increases that will also increase the energy consumption in the network. The designed MANET system is tried with 9, 12, 15 and 18 number of nodes in a system using network simulation-2 (NS-2). Henceforth source node needs to restart over and over which brings about low energy consumption use and use, ectiveness is less and packet space is additionally less and throughput is likewise less and more start to finish delay. Arrangement of this issue in MANET convention which is advanced as the node doesn't advance when demand arrived at their first it checked there is low energy consumption (battery lifetime) and until the node energy consumption is more noteworthy than the limit. Designed MANET examinations of the energy consumption and node energy consumption by maintaining a strategic distance from the low number of nodes in a network. By contrasting energy consumption and node it demonstrates that MANET is far superior to existing framework 802.11 protocol convention based on battery lifetime, energy consumption, throughput, and power transmission. We have performed a comparison between EEM and AODV routing protocol considering different measuring parameters.

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.21533/pen.v8i2.1336


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