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Vol 6, No 2 (2018) Design of flexible spot welding cell for Body-In-White (BIW) assembly Abstract   PDF
Elangovan M, Thenarasu M
Vol 6, No 1 (2018) Designing filter for certain subclasses of analytic univalent functions Abstract   PDF
P. Murugabharathi
Vol 7, No 3 (2019) Detection and Classification of Vehicle Types Using Machine Learning Technology Abstract   PDF
Dr. Mohamed Adel Al-Shaher
Vol 5, No 2 (2017) Determination of Air Permeability Property of Air-Laid Nonwoven Fabrics Using Regression Analyses Abstract   PDF
Halil İbrahim Çelik
Vol 5, No 3 (2017) Determination of Appropriate Axial Vibration Dampers for a Naval Vessel Driven by CODAG Propulsion Abstract   PDF
Abdullah Gokturk
Vol 5, No 2 (2017) Determination of Pozzolanic Activity for Using Natural Zeolite Analcime in Sustainability Additive Cement Products Abstract   PDF
Yasemi̇n Akgün
Vol 5, No 1 (2017): Special Issue - Recent Topics in Enviromental Science Determination of the Dam Axis Permeability for the Design and the Optimization of Grout Curtain: An Example from Orhanlar Dam (Kütahya-Pazarlar) Abstract   PDF
Mustafa Can Canoğlu, Bedri KURTULUŞ
Vol 5, No 2 (2017) Development of Computer-Aided Industrial Design Technology Abstract   PDF
Enes Akca
Vol 1, No 2 (2013) Development of PIM Components for Robot Surgery Abstract   PDF
Dong Yong Park, Fehim Findik, Seong Jin Park
Vol 7, No 2 (2019) Diagnosis of Organizational Change: A multi-level approach (Case study of a French SME certified ISO 9001) Abstract   PDF
Vol 7, No 2 (2019) Digital Skills and Their Development in the Czech Republic Abstract   PDF
Eva Kasparova
Vol 6, No 2 (2018) Drivers drowsiness measurement and the indication of eye movements through algorithmatic approach to avoid accidents Abstract   PDF
Thomas L. Robinson
Vol 6, No 2 (2018) Dynamic load balancing in Image Retargeting using Pipeline Architecture Abstract   PDF
Ganesh V. Patil
Vol 5, No 2 (2017) Ecological Approaches in Textile Sector: The Effect of r-PET Blend Ratio on Ring Spun Yarn Tenacity Abstract   PDF
Esin Sarıoğlu
Vol 7, No 1 (2019) Economic and environmental performances in manufacturing industries: A comparative study Abstract   PDF
Partha Pratim Sengupta, Madhabendra Sinha, Ujjal Protim Dutta
Vol 7, No 2 (2019) Effect of gamma-ray on some optical properties of polymetheylacrelate film (PMMA) doping with phenolphthalein (phph) Abstract   PDF
Ghaidaa J. Habi.
Vol 7, No 1 (2019) Effective data routing using mobile sinks in disjoint mobile wireless sensor networks Abstract   PDF
Hager Ramadan, Ahmed M. khedr, Dharma P. Agrawal
Vol 5, No 3 (2017) Effects of Cooling Rate on Strength and Microstructure of Powder Metallurgy Superalloys Abstract   PDF
Enes Akca, Ali Gürsel, Gökhan Yıldız
Vol 6, No 1 (2018) Efficient and Optimal Routing Using Ant Colony Optimization Mechanism for Wireless Sensor Networks Abstract   PDF
Kavitha V
Vol 7, No 1 (2019) Efficient read monotonic data aggregation across shards on the cloud Abstract   PDF
Narayanan Venkateswaran, Anurag Shekhar, Suvamoy Changder, Rajib Kar, Narayan C Debnath
Vol 6, No 2 (2018) Elasticity characteristics of a bio-load of renewable Resources Abstract   PDF
Mustapha Jamoukh, Khalifa Mansouri, khalifa Mansouri, Bachir Salhi
Vol 7, No 1 (2019) Emotions identification utilizing periodic handwriting on mobile surfaces Abstract   PDF
Viktors Zagorskis, Atis Kapenieks, Aleksandrs Gorbunovs
Vol 7, No 2 (2019) Ensuring of the enterprisе operation effacacy: management aspect Abstract   PDF
Tetyana Stupnytska, Olga Kalaman, Tetyana Markova
Vol 2, No 2 (2014) Entrepreneurship Education (EEd) at Bachelor Level in Developing Countries Abstract   PDF
Sule Selcuk, Ali Gursel
Vol 5, No 3 (2017) Estimation of Projection Matrices from a Sparse Set of Feature Points for 3D Tree Reconstruction from Multiple Images Abstract   PDF
Štefan Kohek, Damjan Strnad, Borut Žalik, Simon Kolmanič
Vol 5, No 2 (2017) Estimation of Specific Gravity with Penetration and Penetration Index Parameters by Artificial Neural Network Abstract   PDF
Sercan Serin, Sebnem Karahancer, Ekinhan Eriskin, Nihat Morova, Mehmet Saltan, Serdal Terzi
Vol 7, No 1 (2019) E-studies and mastering of educational material for people with visual perception and visual–motor integration problems - topical issues and perspectives Abstract   PDF
Jelena Turlisova, Anita Jansone
Vol 5, No 1 (2017): Special Issue - Recent Topics in Enviromental Science Evaluation of Soil Quality in Sapanca Lake Basin Abstract   PDF
Asude ATES, Hülya DEMİREL, Nihan Çalışkan
Vol 7, No 2 (2019) Experimental and Theoretical Calculation of Efficiency for Flat Plate Solar Collectors in Erbil City Abstract   PDF
Assist prof Dr Iyd eqqab maree
Vol 7, No 2 (2019) Eye in hand robot arm based automated object grasping system Abstract   PDF
Asnor Juraiza Ishak, Sarmad Nozad Mahmood
Vol 7, No 1 (2019) Eye-tracking introduction considerations in vestibular telerehabilitation in Latvia Abstract   PDF
Aleksandrs Gorbunovs, Zanis Timsans, Ieva Grada
Vol 6, No 2 (2018) Face Recognition of face images with Hidden Parts Using Gabor Wavelets and PCA Abstract   PDF
Faouzia Ennaama, Khalid Benhida, Ahmed Boulahoual
Vol 7, No 2 (2019) Features of methods and models in risk management of IT projects Abstract   PDF
Vitalina Babenko, Liudmila Lomovskykh, Alvina Oriekhova, Liubov Korchynska, Marharyta Krutko, Yelizaveta Koniaieva
Vol 7, No 1 (2019) Finger vein recognition using two parallel enhancement ppproachs based fuzzy histogram equalization Abstract   PDF
Shereen.S. Jumaa, Khamis Zidan
Vol 7, No 1 (2019) Finite element modelling to predict machining induced residual stresses in the end milling of hard to machine Ti6Al4V alloy Abstract   PDF
Prakash Marimuthu, Thirtha Prasada H P, Chethan Kumar C S
Vol 7, No 1 (2019) Flux switching permanent magnet generator design and optimization using response surface methodology Abstract   PDF
Javad Soleimani
Vol 5, No 1 (2017): Special Issue - Recent Topics in Enviromental Science Forecasting Foreign Trade of Bosnia and Herzegovına for Wood and Articles of Wood, Wood Charcoal by Seasonal ARIMA Model Abstract   PDF
Vol 7, No 2 (2019) Formation of an innovative concept of management on the basis of reconstruction of genetic algorithm of management technology Abstract   PDF
Olena Martyniuk, Olga Vitvitskaya, Volodymyr Lagodiienko, Iryna Krupitsa
Vol 2, No 1 (2014) Genotyping of human papillomavirus high-risk types and correlation with potential risk factors Abstract   PDF
Tea Becirevic, M. Hukić, Daria Ler
Vol 6, No 2 (2018) GIS risk analysis of a first-degree seismic zone: Kaynaşlı (Turkey) Abstract   PDF
Hanifi Tokgöz, Hüseyin Bayraktar
Vol 3, No 2 (2015) Green Materials and Applications Abstract   PDF
Kemal Turan
Vol 7, No 2 (2019) GSM Based Gas Leak Monitoring System Abstract   PDF
Sarmad Nozad Mahmood
Vol 6, No 1 (2018) Harvesting Feasibility of Rain Water in Buildings Abstract   PDF
Cüneyt Kurtay
Vol 1, No 1 (2013) Helminth-Derived Product(s): Source for Potential Therapeutic Abstract   PDF
Azizul Haque, Betul Akcesme, Jasminka Mujić, Una Glamočlija, Faruk Berat Akcesme
Vol 7, No 1 (2019) Homeostaticity of energy systems: how to engineer grid flexibility and why should electric utilities care Abstract   PDF
Fernando Yanine, Antonio Sanchez-Squella, Aldo Barrueto, Sarat Kumar Sahoo, Antonio Parejo, Dhruv Shah, Felisa M Cordova
Vol 1, No 2 (2013) Hot Tear-Melt Quality Relationship in 3xxx Aluminium Alloys Abstract   PDF
Murat Colak, Engin Tan, Ramazan Kayikci, Derya Dispinar
Vol 6, No 2 (2018) How can the information system be directed to contribute to the overall performance of administrations Status of Moroccan Universities Abstract   PDF
Ayoub Gacim, Hicham Drissi
Vol 6, No 2 (2018) How Machine Learning Potentials are Transforming the Practice of Digital Marketing: State of the Art Abstract   PDF
kenza BAYOUDE, Youssef OUASSIT, Soufiane ARDCHIR, Mohamed AZOUAZI
Vol 7, No 2 (2019) Human resource management systems for enterprise organizations: A review Abstract   PDF
Subhi R. M. Zeebaree, Hanan M. Shukur, Bzar Kh. Hussan
Vol 7, No 2 (2019) Identification key scheme to enhance network performance in wireless body area network Abstract   PDF
Israa Albaeazanchi, Haider Rasheed Abdulshaheed, Shihab A. Shawkat, Siti Rahayu Binti Selamat
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