Accuracy of concrete strength prediction behavior in simulating punching shear behavior of flat slab using finite element approach in Abaqus

Zainab M. R. Abdul Rasoul, Hawra Mohamed ali M.taher


This study investigates the accuracy of prediction normal concrete behavior in simulating punching shear strength of flat slab using finite element modelling in Abaqus. The Eurocode and FIB standards were adopted to predict concrete curves for compressive and tensile stresses, in addition to two models adopted in this study based on preview expereimental stuies. Then punching shear strength of two selected flat slab specimens (with and without studs) were simulated in Abaqus to validate punching shear force vs vertical midspan displacement for the adopted experimental work. Simulation results have shown very good results in comparison to the finite element analysis (FEA) curves. Also, the test results have showed that a comparable result with various codes models (ACI-318, BS-8110, EC2, and CEB FIB model code 90).


Abaqus Flat slab Punching shear Concrete behavior Finite element simulation

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