Evaluation of soil quality in Sapanca Lake basin

Asude Ates, Hülya Demirel, Nihan Çalışkan


The aim of the study is determination of the physical and chemical properties of the soil, which is taken around the Sapanca Lake. For this purpose, a total of 30 soil samples has been collected in order to represent the basin from 10 plots where 0-40 cm depth. Sapanca Lake is an important drinking water source for the Marmara region; it is supplied in both underground and side creeks. The content and the quality of water are affected by the soil structure in the basin. Therefore, soil structure has been evaluated with regard to color, organic matter, organic carbon, conductivity, pH, oxidation-reduction potential (ORP), salinity parameters. Munsell soil color chart is used for determining soil color. In terms of determination, half of the soil samples has been found to be dark brown in color. And the according to the results has been found just as pH 7-9, conductivity 150-500 µS/cm, salinity 81-300 mg/l, ORP 81-115 mg/l, organic matter 1% -10% in the range of, respectively. Determination of soil quality parameters of the study area is very important in terms of protection of ecology and living health, controlling environmental pollution and improvement of water quality.


Soil pollution; soil quality; Sapanca lake; organic compounds

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.21533/pen.v5i1.90


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