An enhanced hybrid image encryption algorithm using Rubik’s cube and dynamic DNA encoding techniques

Alaa A. Abdullatif, Firas A. Abdullatif, Sinan A. Naji


Image encryption is among the most active solutions to protect confidential pictorial information. However, to design a strong image encryption algorithm with no recognizable pattern, the researchers in this field have to enrich the confusion and diffusion properties. This study proposes an efficient hybrid system that combines two techniques. First, we propose a modified version of Rubik's Cube technique for scrambling colored image pixels to achieve fast confusion. This technique not only scrambles the position of image pixels but also scrambles the color channels. Then, dynamic DNA encoding algorithm is used to encrypt the pixel’s values. DNA encoding rules are used in conjunction with a secret key. We propose to select the DNA rules dynamically to enhance the security level. Five fidelity metrics are employed to assess the capability of this system. These are PSNR, SSIM, NPCR, Entropy, and CCA. The results indicate that the proposed system enhances the general security requirements with enriched confusion and diffusion properties of the encrypted image.


Image Encryption, Rubik’s Cube technique, DNA encoding.

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