Estimating total dissolved solids and total suspended solids in Mosul dam lake in situ and using remote sensing technique

Abdulmunem Dherar Abdullah Aljoborey, Hind Suhail Abdulhay


This study was conducted to demonstrate the ability of using remote sensing technique to estimate the concentrations of total suspended solids and total dissolved solids in Mosul dam lake, Iraq. In situ measurement were done to detect the mentioned parameters during the period July 2018-April 2019, also within this period satellite images were obtained (Landsat 8), where satellite images were georefrencing, those images were transported to their original form(digital numbers ”DNs”, after that they were atmospherically corrected to minimize atmosphere effects. An equations to estimate TSS and TDS were made depending on linear regression correlation between reflectance values and in situ data. Results showed that TSS concentrations correlate to band 1 (highest R2) in Summer (July) and band 5 in Spring (April) are strongly significant correlated to TSS concentration while band 6 in Autumn (September) significant to TSS values, while TDS correlated to band 5 has highly significant correlation(Highest R2 =0.41) in summer(August) while bands: 7,6 and 3 have significant correlation in Autumn (September), Summer (July) and (Spring) April, respectively.


Mosul dam lake; Limnology; Iraq , Remote sensing

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