CE-D/I SNP polymorphism in Iraqi patients with chronic renal failure in Thi-Qar province

Eman J. Ali, Hind M. Mousa


Precise characterization of clinical phenotypes and revelation of genetic markers for the predisposing to have renal maladies or alter its course has been bothersome and exhausting. However, some genetic variants have been linked to kidney disorders. Methods: This study involved 120 subjects (70 Hemodialysis-treated patients with chronic renal failure and 50 healthy subjects as control). Serum biochemical parameters Creatinine, and Urea were detected as diagnostic markers to renal functions. Sixty subjects (44 patients & 16 control) were genotyped for polymorphism of the enzyme gene conversion of angiotensin. The distribution of genotype and allele frequencies for ACE-D / I SNP polymorphism has been evaluated in both groups. Results : The levels of Biochemical parameters Creatinine, and Urea in renal failure patients increased significantly when compared with healthy .The ACE genotypes distribution between subjects groups in Thi-Qar indicated that The percentage of DD genotype was found to be high in the group of patients 23 (52.3%), followed by ID 16 (36.3%) and II genotype 5 (11.4%). As, the genetic pattern in the control group showed that the genotype DD and ID patterns had the same percentage of 37.3%, followed by genotype II, 25% . Also, there is an increase of D-allele frequencies in the group of patients equivalent with healthy controls.


ACE- D/I SNP polymorphisms, hemodialysis, CRF patients

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.21533/pen.v7i4.819


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