Transmission power optimization of high speed 32 channels×12.8 Tbps CWDM based on multi-span SSMF using RZ modulation format

Essa Ibrahim Essa, Ahmad Ayied Ahmad, Mshari A. Asker, Fidan T. Sedeeq


The problem with expand current optical networks while not dynamic infrastructure ends up in adopt the CWDM system with Brobdingnagian information measure and multi-channels. This text examines the twelve.8Tbps over 32-channels, performed in an exceedingly series of laptop simulations with the RZ modulation format on the SSMF line, and its characteristics. The results of the simulation show that knowledge rates will be transferred effectively mistreatment AN economical and economical infrastructure with an honest system performance. The standard optical power rank and therefore the most quality issue for the 32-channels square measure well. The CWDM optical network and its applications will contribute and supply unlimited information measure at a minimum price for all service ranges of fiber optic communication systems like web belongings, and FTTH. CWDM acting a key responsibility in existing and future solutions for optical networks because of its enticing applications.



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