Integrated software package for simulation simulator - grapher - 2D and 3D surfer representation verification and validation

Ahmed Najim Nimir Al–Subeeh


Simulation is one of the most important tools in engineering science. In this research, an integrated engineering software package was designed to simulate oil reservoirs as an efficient tool that simplifies the simulation process and provides the most requirements during the data entry, simulation of the reservoir, and till to reporting and documentation stage. The proposed package is capable to conduct analyzes and drawings in two or three dimensions with an animated three-dimensional virtual view which is the most important feature. This integrated software package named Tiger 2000 can be used for any reservoir, whatever the geometric shape it represents. The 2000 Tiger can handle all operations that may occur in the reservoir such as production or injection as well as the water invasion of the reservoir. A number of engineering and software technologies have been used to accomplish this package, including Open GL, Visual Basic, FORTRAN Power Station, and Visual C. The integrated software package Tiger 2000 consists of five sub-packages: Simulator, Grapher, 2D and 3D Surfer for surface representation, 3D representation, representation of reservoir, aquifer and well sites as well as “Reservoir Show” which is an animated view of the simulated zones. The proposed software package in the current study directly draws and represents the processed data and output results which is simplify the error detection, simulation and decision making for current and future reservoir processing and developments. This software package is the first of its kind designed in Iraq and the Arab world, whereas all the calculations of oil and reservoir studies using ready-software purchased from foreign countries and costs up to millions of dollars. Although this is the first version of Tiger 2000, it is a big and very promising step towards Middle Eastern scientific software that serves scientific and engineering applications. Tiger 2000 can also be used even in simulating groundwater reservoirs and thus provides another service in the extraction and management of groundwater, especially as the abundance of water has become a top concern at all levels.

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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License