Architectural requirement of people with disability in the urban cities in Iraq

Ali Saad Al-Rubaye, Hassan Haider Abdulrazzaq kamoona, Hadel Saad Al-Mur'ib


At the international level, attention is focused on the possibility of integrating people with special needs into their communities in a way that reduces their sense of disability by providing their public needs in the urban environment. The architectural and building codes in Arab societies have neglected the humanitarian considerations associated with this category for a long time, where people with disabilities in Arab societies, especially the Iraqi society, have many difficulties that lead to determining their movement in the urban environment of contemporary cities, which has a negative impact on how this group adapts within these societies and the difficulty of their integration, although the Iraqi government has sought to develop the constitution to support people with disabilities, However, these attempts were just theoretical but do not adopt a real binding application for urban development projects in the current reality of the cities in the twenty-first century , which calls for the introduction of real standards with well-studied dimensions and depends on multiple global standards to provide flexible solutions to transform the urban environment into an environment that can embrace the people with disabilities and provide sufficient flexibility in movement solutions which helps to develop their mental and physical abilities in a series and appropriate manner in the current Iraqi society, therefore the research study includes the following:-
• Criteria and requirements of people with special needs in the urban environment to reach the appropriate architectural standards for them.
• Experiences and legislation suitable for people with special needs in third world countries and Arab countries.
• Architectural foundations are suitable for people with special needs in the Iraqi cities.


disability; urban environment; architecture and human needs

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