Features of methods and models in risk management of IT projects

Vitalina Babenko, Liudmila Lomovskykh, Alvina Oriekhova, Liubov Korchynska, Marharyta Krutko, Yelizaveta Koniaieva


IT projects are carried out in the context of the constant development of rapidly obsolete technologies and the variability of user expectations. Implementation of IT projects is closely related to risks, the nature of which depends on factors such as subject area, technology used, number of involved developers, etc. Risk management (RM) is multivariate, which determines the search for comprehensive solutions to increase the effectiveness of RM in projects. For IT projects, this problem is particularly relevant due to the backlog of knowledge gained from technology development and intangible results that limit the possibilities of initial planning and risk control. The object of the article's research is the RM process of IT projects. The subject of the study is to determine the issue of selecting and using RM methods and models, taking into account the peculiarities of IT projects. Two groups of methodologies are allocated: methodologies-standards and methodologies based on system development lifecycle (SDLC). PMBOK and ISO 21500 are referred to standard methodologies. The classification of project management (PM) methodologies is generalized. PM methodologies based on system life cycles include flexible Scrum methodologies, Kanban and extreme programming, as well as cascading PM methodologies using the critical path method (CPM) and critical chain project management (CCPM) projects. As a result of the analysis of the main characteristics of IT projects, the peculiarities of the application of methods and models in the management of risks of IT projects in comparison with projects in other fields are determined. The received recommendations can be used for decision-making in the management of IT projects when the project goals are achieved through the correct identification, assessment, and risk control.


IT project risks Project risk management Software Methodology Project management

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.21533/pen.v7i2.558


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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License