Architectural design of trust based recommendation system in customer relationship management

El Ghoumari Mohammed Yassine, Daif Abderrahmane, Reda Moulouki, Houda Jihal, Mohamed Azzouazi


Most Companies are more customer centric than they were before. By adopting this strategy, it made the electronic commerce growing and enhance buyers experience. from the other side, Companies started to explore this customer experience -data generated- to extract knowledge about their customer to be well managed – eCRM - instead of classic customer relationship Management - CRM. Large quantity of Data motivated the companies to look for changes, and ask for more functionality, and this are what influenced software editors to adapt their solutions and implement the power of data. Nowadays, data available – Big Data – put the existing systems and architectures under question and push us to rethink the logical layer to explore this data. Following the data vague, puts a need to reconsider and study the strength of eCRM/CRM existing solutions and architectures.
The main contribution of this paper is to propose architecture built on Trust-Based recommendation able to provide to companies better accuracy, coverage, novelty and diversity during the sales process.


CRM, Big Data, e-CRM, Recommendation, Trust, Model

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