How machine learning potentials are transforming the practice of digital marketing: State of the art

Kenza Bayoude, Youssef Ouassit, Soufiane Ardchir, Mohamed Azouazi


Today, the digital marketing is constantly evolving, new tools are regularly introduced with the new consumer habits and the multiplication of data, often forcing marketers to delve into too much data that may not even give them the overview they need to make business decisions that have an impact.
After the revolution of machine learning technology in other real world application, machine learning is changing the digital marketing landscape, 84% of marketing organizations are implementing or expanding their use of machine learning in 2018[1].It becomes easier to predict and analyze consumer behavior with great accuracy.
In our work we will start by establish an art of state on the main and most used machine learning potentials in digital marketing strategies and we show how machine learning tools can be used at large scale for marketing purposes by analyzing extremely large sets of data. The way that ML is integrated in digital marketing practices helps them better understand the target consumers and optimize their interactions with them.

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