Automated telemedicine and diagnosis system (ATDS) in diagnosing ailments and prescribing drugs

Israa Albaeazanchi, Sawsan Ali Hamid, Rana Alauldeen Abdulrahman, Haider Rasheed Abdulshaheed


This paper presents an Automated Telemedicine and diagnosis system (ATDS), is an expert system that is used for diagnosing many ailments such as malaria and others. and prescription of drugs. ATDS is made up of knowledge database. The end user makes use of it to determine if they are suffering from one ailment or the by entering the ailment symptoms. Once the system receives the information from the user, an instant drug prescription and diagnosis is made. ATDS is user-friendly. However, ATDS was not developed to replace the real doctors but to assist patient waiting for human doctors that are few and to make the diagnosing and prescribing of drugs faster and more accurate. ATDS is implemented in PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor). Hospitals and other medical clinics should be readily accessible by everyone when needed as one of the many limitations of health care establishment is distance. ATDS when compared with old systems like MYCIN is more efficient in the different aspects. It solved the problem of incomplete base. ATDS proves efficiency more than another medical expert system by giving instant and correct ailment diagnosis and drug prescription.

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