Clustering of gamma-aminobutyric acid type A receptors

Ayla Arslan


Targeting, clustering and immobilization of the neurotransmitter receptors is a complex process of molecular organization. At the postsynaptic level, anchoring protein model has been proposed for the mechanism of this organization. NMDA type of Glutamate receptors are anchored by the PSD 95 at the postsynaptic membrane. Gephyrin is essential for the anchoring of Glycine receptors and so Agrin for the Acetylcholine receptors at the post synaptic sites. In line with this, for GABA (A) receptors (GABAARs), the similar concept has been expected but the heterogeneity and complexity of GABAARs make their analysis extremely difficult. This paper will briefly discuss the current perspectives on the clustering of selected GABAAR subtypes in terms of anchoring protein model.

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