Reliability of the Tigris River water treatment center in al-Rashidiyah-Baghdad by using Weibull distribution

Mohammed Jumaa Samih, Iqbal Mahmoud Alwan


The research includes a study of analyzing and evaluating the reliability of turbidity removal and the amount of residual chlorine in the water in the Rashidiya water center located in Rashidiya-Baghdad-Iraq according to the permissible criteria for making decisions based on solid scientific foundations. Thus, water treatment centers in general need a reliable evaluation that helps in evaluating the output Water treatment centers according to the standards set for each center. The research aims to evaluate the reliability of the Rashidiya water center using the two-parameter Weibull distribution, where the distribution parameters were estimated using the least squares method using the (Matlab 2022) program. The chi-square test was used for Goodness of Fit at a significant level of 0.05, through the Easy Fit 5.5 professional program. It was found to be distributed according to the Weibull distribution, and descriptive statistics were calculated for each parameter, and it was found that the mean (and median) of the turbidity values (9.379), which is within the permissible limit, The mean (and median) chlorine values are (0.0279), which is also much less than the permissible limit. The efficiency scale was used to remove turbidity. It was found that the average efficiency of turbidity removal is 71.35%, which is a relatively acceptable level. However, it is necessary to increase the turbidity treatment to raise the level of efficiency. It was found through the Weibull distribution analysis that the value of reliability for the removal of turbidity is (0.99), and for the remaining amount of chlorine is (0.99). The research concluded that the Rashidiya water center is reliable during the research period. The research recommends evaluating all water treatment centers in Iraq in general, and in Baghdad in particular, periodically and at certain time periods. The research also recommends using the natural logarithm distribution as it is suitable for evaluation.

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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License