Improving anthropomorphic robot stability using advanced intelligent control interfaces

Luige Vladareanu, Marius Pandelea, Victor Vladareanu, Yongfei Feng, Vlad Alexandru Grosu, Ibrahiem El Emary, Daniel Moga, Mihaiela Iliescu


The article focused on the advanced intelligent control of the stability of anthropomorphic walking robots (AWRs), in order to validate a new and useful method of moving in the virtual environment, which determines a substantial increase in their stability. The obtained results lead to Versatile Intelligent Portable Robot Platform VIPRO, developed to improve the walking anthropomorphic robots’ performances, provide unlimited power for design, test, experiment the real time control methods by integrating the Intelligent Control Interfaces (ICIs) in robot modeling and simulation for all types of humanoid robots, rescue robots, firefighting robots.


Intelligent Control Interfaces; Robotics; Anthropomorphic robots; Robot stability; Real time control systems

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