Cloud computing and IoT integration for health checking system

Bushra Jaber Jawad, Ahmed Fahad


With the raise of technologies in the fourth industry revolution, Internet of things appeared as an emerging technology, especially, in the healthcare industry. The cloud computing as a main section of IoT structure can be a great integration to get more benefits to provide healthcare for our society. In this paper, researchers more concentrated on individuals and autonomous extension of solitary strategies, with less emphasis on patient monitoring. While the main aim of technology management of healthcare information systems has been accomplished throughout the proposed combination of Internet of Things and Cloud Computing in the context of medical profession. A low-cost, secure, and trusted healthcare tracking system that offers real-time monitoring dashboard for biological indicator has been proposed. The utilization of this integration to track and control health system was applied, thus, a remotely controlled platform based on the cloud computing design paradigm has been developed in the field of health information, while an efficient algorithms in future hospital cloud service and monitoring system implementations have examine and evaluate this design. A CloudSim simulation results showed that the proposed algorithm revealed better results from analogue anneals algorithm and ant colony optimal design with an improvement of 40% in the system efficiency. Therefore, the integrated proposed algorithm is of an importance to be developed and could be applied to non-coordinate system to improve solutions to the optimization and scattering.


Internet of Things, Cloud Computing, Healthcare Information System, Healthcare Monitoring System, e-health, Health Informatics.

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Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License