Knowledge, attitudes, behaviors and, risk perception towards seasonal influenza and vaccination among adult population of UAE

Balsam Saeed, et al.


Seasonal influenza (flu) is responsible for the important cause of mortality and morbidity worldwide, vaccination against seasonal influenza is usually very protective. Understanding the level of knowledge, practice toward flu and its vaccine is essential for the effective limiting of disease, and prevention strategies. The purpose of this paper is to estimate the knowledge, attitude, behaviors, and risk perception of adults toward flu and its vaccine in the UAE. A cross-sectional study using a survey has conducted between adults. A total of 815 (613 females and 202 males) residents in the UAE participated in this study and complete the survey, between February to April 2020. Participants were selected by using a simple random technique. Knowledge, attitudes, practice, and risk perception of participants were investigated. Data were analyzed using the SPSS program. A p-value <0.05 was reported as statistically significant. The findings showed that a higher level of knowledge toward seasonal influenza was reported among the females, age group of >24, those with a higher level of education, and employed participants. The main source of participants' knowledge was social media (75.3%). The popular causes for unwillingness to getting vaccinated were fear of the many side effects of the vaccine and unavailability of participant’s time. The study concluded that Lacking knowledge was found within various aspects. Many misconceptions about the effectiveness of the seasonal flu vaccine and shortage of risk perception were found. Improve the population’s knowledge level, awareness campaigns to increase knowledge, and enhance flu vaccination coverage in UAE are essential.

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