Study of the influence of large forest areas on the quality of the city's air environment (on the example of Barnaul, Russia)

Andrey P. Shcherbatyuk


The purpose of the article was to study the degree of influence of large forest areas on the quality of the city's air environment. The geomorphological signs of the formation of qualitative parameters of the city's air environment in connection with the orographic features of the area were studied. The influence of natural factors and the location of the city on the quality of the air environment were determined, which made it necessary to conduct further scientific research. The geographical features of the formation of the qualitative composition of the air environment of cities located in certain conditions, taking into account natural factors and urbanization processes were determined. The locations of industrial and residential areas of Barnaul and the ribbon-like forest near the city, the Ob River, were determined using interactive maps of GPS subsatellite surveillance. The main direction of the wind rose and the processes of atmospheric air saturation with oxygen and humidification were determined. The regularities of the deterioration of the qualitative indicators of the city's air environment in individual districts were determined. Original solutions were proposed to improve the quality of the air environment in certain urban areas (on the example of Barnaul). The author's studies of the influence of natural factors and urbanization processes on the quality of the city's air environment (using the example of Barnaul) have shown that dangerous zones of accumulation of pollutants are being created against the background of unjustified economic activity, in particular construction.


Natural factors; Urbanization processes; Pollution; Ways of improvement; Quality indicators

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