Methods for supporting the process of diffusion and use of innovations in the agro-based industries

Marianna Vasilchenko


In the modern context, one of the priority tasks for the agricultural development is to create conditions for the prompt transfer of the agro-industrial complex (AIC) to a new technological base. The purpose of this study is to substantiate the tools for assessing the innovative profile of animal husbandry, production and processing of fodder resources; study of means to support dairy farming to identify the impact of government regulation on the diffusion and use of innovations. The study forms the author's paradigm for assessing the innovative state of animal husbandry based on the theories of diffusion of innovations, the most important elements of which are technology transfer and knowledge spillover. The influence of the existing instruments of state support on the diffusion of innovations in dairy cattle operations by groups of regions in Russia is revealed. It is proposed to use indicators of the scale and intensity of innovative support for dairy farming, as well as the regional index of innovative support (RIIS). The findings revealed the priority role of innovative support in increasing the commodity resources of milk; appropriate models of state support were proposed for various groups of regions. To identify the impact of innovative support of dairy farming, an innovativeness matrix has been developed, which can be used to assess the innovation potential of milk production and processing, based on the innovative support resources used. Such methodological approach makes it possible to assess the level of sufficiency of innovative support resources for a fuller use of the industrial potential of both milk production and processing.


Innovation process, Diffusion of innovations, Animal husbandry, Dairy farming, Support mechanisms, Innovation support

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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License