Documenting and implementing DevOps good practices with test automation and continuous deployment tools through software refinement

Manuel Alejandro Pastrana Pardo, Hugo Armando Ordoñez Erazo, Carlos Alberto Cobos Lozada


The accelerated pace of life of companies in Colombia and the world, entails the need to obtain software developments with the highest quality, in the shortest possible time and with minimal reprocessing after it is put into production. Therefore, the use of good software development practices and their automation through tools is no longer a luxury for development teams today, but part of their way of working. Unfortunately, in Colombia many of these helps and forms of work are not widely used. This paper presents the documentation and implementation of preventive quality tools and good practices for software development that allow code versioning, continuous integration, automation of functional tests, static code analysis and continuous deployment.
Objective: Present the good practices implemented in the Smart Campus Ecosystem case study for software development.
Methodology or method: Good practices for software development based on XP and DevOps are reviewed. A set of tools is selected for implementation that has a direct impact on the quality of software development. These tools are used in the UNIAJC Smart campus ecosystem case study. The results of the implementation are documented in this article.
Results: The preventive quality model is exposed, put on test and the results are documented.
Conclusions: The preventive quality model helps to increase the results of quality assurance through the set of tools that provide development teams with key information for refinement and refactoring of source code within development runtime and no later than this stage.


DevOps; SQA; Software Quality Assurance; Smart Campus; Software Engineering

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