Joint image encryption and compression schemes based on hexa-coding

Mohammed H. Rasheed, Omar M. Salih, Mohammed M. Siddeq


This research proposes a new image compression and encryption method depend on a modified JPEG technique combined with the Hexa-Coding algorithm. The compression algorithm starts by dividing an image into 8x8 blocks, then DCT (Discrete Cosine Transform) is applied to all blocks independently followed by uniform quantization. Additionally, the size of blocks is reduced by eliminating insignificant coefficients, and then Arithmetic coding is applied to compress residual coefficients. Finally, Hexa-encoding is applied to the compressed data to further reduce compression size as well as provide encryption. The encryption is accomplished based on five different random keys. The decompression uses a searching method called FMSA (Fast Matching Search Algorithm) which is used for decoding the previously compressed data, followed by Arithmetic decoding) to retrieve residual coefficients. These residuals are padded with zeros to rebuild the original 8x8 blocks. Finally, inverse DCT is applied to reconstruct approximately the original image. The experimental results showed that our proposed image compression and decompression has achieved up to 99% compression ratio while maintaining high visual image quality compared with the JPEG technique.

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