Intelligent vision-based navigation system for mobile robot: A technological review

Muhammad Hafidz Fazli Md Fauadi, Suriati Akmal, Mahasan Mat Ali, Nurul Izah Anuar, Samad Ramlan, Ahamad Zaki Mohd Noor, Nurfadzylah Awang


Vision system is gradually becoming more important. As computing technology advances, it has been widely utilized in many industrial and service sectors. One of the critical applications for vision system is to navigate mobile robot safely. In order to do so, several technological elements are required. This article focuses on reviewing recent researches conducted on the intelligent vision-based navigation system for the mobile robot. These include the utilization of mobile robot in various sectors such as manufacturing, warehouse, agriculture, outdoor navigation and other service sectors. Multiple intelligent algorithms used in developing robot vision system were also reviewed.


Mobile robot; Vision-based Navigation; Intelligent algorithm; SLAM

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