Effects of impulsive loading and deformation damage on reinforced concrete slabs during building construction

Ali K. AL-Asadi, Majid Muttashar, Kasim Alomari


The effects of impulsive loading and deformation damage in reinforced concrete slabs were observed for analyzing the under-construction buildings for specific period of time. To fully harvest the structural capacity of building under constrcution with reinforced slabs sections exposed to combined actions, it is necessary to leave behind the simplicity of treating the verification of structural adequacy for normal stresses separately from that of shear stresses and instead fully exploit the advantages of choosing more efficient stress distributions. By exploring the vast possibilities of other statically admissible systems using optimization routines for deformation damage reduced to 20% from 80% in the work, the longitudinal reinforcement near the neutral axis in reinforced concrete can be utilized much more efficiently. In addition, by adhering to the interdependency constraints between normal and shear stresses in reinforced concrete a much more precise picture of the actual service stress state can be determined for impulsive loading and deformation damage where the maximum deformation and impulsive loading on RC-slab were observed at strain 91s≤t≤97s on RC-slab in the total simulation steps from 0s to 398s. There is therefore a need for a one- step, automated design tool capable of addressing such verifications holistically which was performed in the simulation of this study using Matlab R2019b. In this paper the theoretical basis and a free to use open-source design tool is presented, allowing for easy access to highly optimized designs capable of observing the impulsive loading and deformation damage on reinforced concrete materials to their limits

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.21533/pen.v8i4.1715


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