Robust video data security using hybrid cryptography-steganography technique

Faten H.Mohammed Sediq Al-Kadei


The interest in the digital videos confidentiality in the current electronic and interrelated world has increased. Thus, this paper aimed at making a video steganography scheme for an acceptable security with high speed of calculation by embedding data (video frames) in other video frames. The techniques of embedding and encrypting video frames in a cover video file were done through two ways. Firstly, two keys and XOR bit operation were employed to create a large range of different keys for encryption. Secondly, a modified method of Least Significant Bit (LSB) technique was used for hiding high resolution video frames (bitmap color) in selective cover video frames, offering two security layers. The procedures of encrypting and hiding video data were successfully tested on many secret videos such ad Eye Video, Secret Medicine Video and Traffic Video. All experiments were conducted using MATLAB-GUI software, representing an efficient and easy tool for video management supported by powerful testing tools as histograms and mathematics for video quality. Experimental result demonstrated a good performance with low correlation and very high PSNR of the Stego video frames.

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