Challenges facing women entrepreneurs running home-based business in Saudi Arabia

Ghada Talat Alhothali


A considerable amount of studies have been devoted to understanding the challenges undermining entrepreneurial activities. However, calls to the lack of studies published on female entrepreneurs have been emphasized in the literature. Notably, much research investigating the challenges facing women entrepreneurs who chose their homes to be the primary place for business is encouraged. The current study delves into exploring the challenges facing Home-based businesswomen in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. A qualitative approach was selected to collect; thirty-five semi-structured interviews were conducted with a convenience sample of home-based businesswomen. The research has explored challenges during the journey of the business stages (i.e., Seed stage, Start-up stage, and Expansion stage). The findings identified three significant challenges that undermine female home-based businesses. Financial difficulties are the most salient challenge that is found prominent during the life cycle of the business. Psychological problems were also dominant during the seed stage; however, societal challenges were apparent during seed and expansion stages only. Operational challenges were the critical challenge notable during the expansion phase.


Home-based businesses, financial, psychological, operational, challenges, business life cycle, Saudi Arabia, female entrepreneurs

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