Solving Competitive Traveling Salesman Problem Using Gray Wolf Optimization Algorithm

Mushreq Luay Taha, Belal Al-Khateeb, Yasser F. Hassan, Ossama M.M. Ismail, Ossama Abu Rawash


In this paper a Gray Wolf Optimization (GWO) algorithm is presented to solve the Competitive Traveling Salesman Problem (CTSP). In CTSP, there are numbers of non-cooperative salesmen their goal is visiting a larger possible number of cities with lowest cost and most gained benefit. Each salesman will get a benefit when he visits unvisited city before all other salesmen. Two approaches have been used in this paper, the first one called static approach, it is mean evenly divides the cities among salesmen. The second approach is called parallel at which all cities are available to all salesmen and each salesman tries to visit as much as possible of the unvisited cities. The algorithms are executed for 1000 times and the results prove that the GWO is very efficient giving an indication of the superiority of GWO in solving CTSP.

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