Design and improving the work of a concave solar collector - CSC

Rusul Dawood Salim


The purpose of the project is to design and improve the work of a concave solar collector CSC to heat the water; it works by reflecting the solar radiation and the global warming, also it works in the cloudy and fractional cloudy ambience. Used materials available on the local market to build and improve design: The body of the design is concave, mirrors, copper tube, Clear glass panel, thermal insulating materials, Matte black pigment and devices were used to record the temperature of H2O leaving the CSC. Tested CSC before and after the improvements during the period from Dec-2017 to Jan-2020, showed the test results stability in the work of CSC where the temperature of H2o produced on sunny days is (58-97) C°, cloudy days are (49-70) C° and fractional cloudy days are (45-70) C° to take into account the ambience temperature on that day. Before the improvement, the flux velocity stabilized at 0.162 L/min but after the improvement, the flux velocity stabilized at 0.17 L/min where the productivity of the CSC per one day of hot H2O is 112.2 L/m², it can be used in various fields far from other energy sources.


Solar Radiation, Solar energy, Industrial solar energy, Solar heating

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