Some properties of Cu-B4C composites manufactured by powder metallurgy

Ibrahim Altinsoy, Fatma Gözde Celebi Efe, Devrim Aytaş, Melike Kılıç, İbrahim Ozbek, Cuma Bindal


In this study, some properties of cold pressed Cu-B4C composites were investigated. Commercial copper powders with 40 µm particle size were reinforced with B4C in a 40µm particle size at ratios of 0, 1, 2, 3 wt.% for improving mechanical properties of copper used for electrical conductivity. Cu-B4C composites have been fabricated by powder metallurgy method and sintered at 700C for 2h in open atmosphere and then subjected to cold pressing following sintering process.  The presence of Cu and B4C which are dominant components in the sintered composites were confirmed by X-ray diffraction analyses technique and SEM-EDS.  Scanning electron microscope (SEM-EDS) was showed that B4C particles are distributed homogenously in the copper matrix. The relative densities of Cu and Cu-B4C composites sintered at 700°C are ranged from 97.5% to 90.19%. Microhardness of composites ranged from 80.65 to 87.5 HB and the electrical conductivity of composites changed between 90.04 %IACS and 68.87 %IACS. It was observed that cold pressed Cu - 1 wt.% B4C composites revealed promising physical properties.

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