Improved technique for hiding data in a colored and a monochrome image

Baydaa jaffer AlKhafaji, May Salih, Shaymaa Shnain, Zahraa Nabat


Find a new way to hide the different types of confidential and important text files inside the images without noticing any change or distortion of the information in the images after the process of concealment or attempt to be detected by hackers. And then extract these texts and retrieved on demand without loss or loss or distortion of any of its content. The algorithm was used to hide the different text in different image formats using (256) elements, monochrome and color where about 4500 characters were hidden in a monochrome image and about 900 characters in a color image and with a hiding distance (S) where N = 3, key = 3. The overall error rate is low (0.05-0.17) and no distortions were observed on the resulting image


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