Segmenting video frame images using genetic algorithms

Baydaa Jaffer AlKhafaji, May A Salih, Shaymaa Shnain, Zahraa Nabat


Image segmentation plays an important role in computer vision. It is a process that partitions a digital image into several meaningful regions ,by identifying regions of an image that have common properties while separating regions that are dissimilar. The image segmentation problem is posed as an optimization procedure. In this thesis, an optimization approach based on genetic algorithm is introduced for finding optimal image segmentation. The design and implementation of genetic algorithm image segment or (GSAI) system are described. GSAI system employs finds optimal value using genetic operators "crossover operator and mutation operator". The different proposed / implementation segmentation methods of the GSAI system were tested using Gray image are taken from one films and with size 352x240 pixels for video frames images of In this is work focused on genetic algorithm coefficients which affect in direct and active way in the work of GA to study and analysis dependable video images which are taken from video clips after partitioning to multiple frames.

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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License