The urban transformation with new legal regulations

Fatih Taktak, Mahir Serhan Temiz


All around the world, cities need projects and applications for renewal, transformation, resettlement and improvement due to reasons such as economic reasons, inadequacy in social development, excessive population accumulation, wrong place selection and natural disasters. Many project application examples are available in the world and in our country. They vary in their purpose, form of implementation, organizational patterns and outcomes. In the process of reclaiming troubled areas of cities; a spatial transformation is also being studied at the same time to ensure the social and cultural development.
In this context, the process of urban transformation in our country has been evaluated from the perspective of new legal regulations. In the study, firstly, the urban transformation was very briefly defined and it was focused on the historical development of urban transformation in the Turkey and world. Secondly, Past legal regulations and current legal regulations regard to urban transformation were examined. Lastly, the new legislation was critically discussed. Also the current trends related to urban transformation are investigated.


Urban Transformation Trents Analysis Historical Development Turkey TOKI

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Implementing Regulation of the Law No. 6306,



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