Strengthening of self-compacting reinforces concrete slabs using CFRP strips subjected to punching shear

Nagham T. Al-Shafi’i, Sara S. Faraj, Zainab M. Hussein


This research is conducted to investigate the behavior of self-compacting reinforced concrete slabs strengthened by CFRP laminates in a stitching way under the impact of punching shear strength. In this study, trail mixes are carried out to perform high strength self-compacting concrete (f_c^'=72.3 MPa). Two groups of specimens were assessed in this study. The first group (A) involves three solid slab specimens, while the second group (B) includes three slab specimens with an opening in the shear zone. Two variables were included in these experiments, namely, the effect of strengthening by CFRP laminate and the effect of high strength self-compacting concrete. The outcomes were discussed based on cracking load, ultimate punching shear capacity, crack patterns, and load-deflection response. The results showed that strengthening by CFRP enhanced the ultimate punching shear capacity by (23%-65%) and increased the deflection by (33%-79.5%).


Self-Compacting ,Reinforces Concrete Slabs

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