Software simulation for the study of the fiber optic properties and its impact on the output power

Sarab Ahmed Amen, Ali Ismail Salih, Essa Ibrahim Essa


The planning fiber optic properties are one of the important fields in fiber optic communication systems. In this article a software simulation proposed to study the main properties of single mode fiber and impact on the output power. This is because fiber optics has many advantages, including a small transmission loss, so it is used for high-speed data transmission. Dispersion is the main factor limiting performance. By simulating an optical communication device model and using the system's most suitable settings that include power inputs (dB), the length of the optical cable (km) and attenuation coefficient (dB /km) which belongs to the fiber optics, different parameters were calculated in this project, including the recipient's decibel energy. From the monitors at the end of transmission link like as (OTDV, OSA, and WDM Analyzer) the overall system behaviors show good results


SSMF Attenuation Dispersion Numerical Opening OptiSystem

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