Kinetic study of the thermal decomposition for mixed municipal solid waste using thermogravimetric analysis

Antony Mutua Nzioka, Alunda Benard Ouma, Odero Shirley Atieno


Thermal conversion of wastes is one of the perspective solution to ‘municipal solid waste’ problem. Thermal conversion process entails thermal decomposition of material with an increase in temperature. This experimental analysis investigated thermal decomposition of municipal solid waste using the thermogravimetric technique. The objective of the analysis was to analyze the changes in kinetic characteristics with changes in the composition of content in sample waste and temperature. Sample waste analyzed consisted of plant organic waste, paper, plastics, wood and inert substance. Proximate and elemental analyses were determined and calorific values determined experimentally using bomb calorimeter. Thermogravimetric curves were derived using thermogravimetric analyzer (TGA) at different temperature rates. Activation energy and pre¬exponential factor were derived using Flynn¬Wall¬Ozawa, Kissinger¬Akahira¬Sunose and Kissinger model equations. Additional statistical analyses of variance using ANOVA was conducted for the different sets of composition analyzed. Results showed kinetic parameter values for different model¬free models used in analysis as well as the level of variance in activation energies for different composition of waste and temperature rates used


Thermal decomposition; temperature; municipal solid waste; ANOVA; composition; activation energy

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