Assessment of the liquefaction susceptibility of Al-Nasiriya city soil based on plasticity properties

Esraa A. Mandhour


The present paper is focused on using some of the geotechnical properties to assessment of liquefaction of Al-Nasiriya city soil. Four site have been selected along both sides of Euphrates river, The geotechnical properties were used to separate soils that may be classified as susceptible to liquefiable from those non liquefiable. The criteria which are used in this study included effect of plasticity, natural moisture content, clay content, and voids ratio on the liquefaction susceptibility of soil. This study shows that 91% of soil samples lie within cyclic mobility zone depending on plasticity chart while according to natural moisture content and clay content, 100% and 81% of soil samples were classified as non-liquefiable soils.


Al-Nasiriya Soil; Atterberg Limits; Clay Content: Liquefaction; Moisture Content; Plasticity Properties

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