Charpy impact response of glass fiber reinforced composite with nano graphene enhanced epoxy

Ahmet Erkliğ, Nurettin Furkan Doğan, Mehmet Bulut


Fiber reinforced polymer composite materials show several superior properties over conventional engineering materials; on the other hand, most of composite materials also have some drawbacks such as brittle behavior of matrix. This study is aimed to improve the impact response of composite material by adding nano particle into epoxy matrix. For this purpose; an experimental study was conducted to investigate the effect of graphene nano particles inclusion in epoxy resin with glass fiber reinforced composite plate on the Charpy impact response. Glass fiber reinforced (GFR) epoxy composite plates were produced with various graphene nano platelets content such 0, 0.1, 0.25 and 0.5 wt%. Low velocity impact response was investigated by using Charpy impact test method. Impact energy and impact damage results presented in detail.


Graphene nano platelets, epoxy, glass, composite, low velocity impact

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