The finite element analysis and geometry improvements of some structural parts of a diesel forklift truck

Ömer Yavuz Bozkurt, İhsan Cihan Dai, Özkan Özbek


In this work, static analyses of structural parts of a diesel forklift were performed using Finite Element Method and possible modifications based on the original geometry of parts were utilized with respect to stress distributions at critical region to improve reliability of the forklift design. The analyses were carried out according to standard regulations related with the examined parts. The structural parts of forklift such as chassis and head guard were analysed under compulsion loading conditions. The improvements in relevant parts were demonstrated by the comparison of stress values of original and modified geometries. The finite element analyses were carried out using MSC SimXpert Nastran Finite Element software package.


Finite element analysis; Forklift; Msc SimXpert Nastran

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